Jesse Sorum

Jesse Sorum

Grand Forks. 2nd Year.

Grand Forks, North Dakota Classroom. Year 2 Instructor.

Jesse was born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota-which is where is currently teaches 2nd year apprentices for IEC. Jesse won the coveted 2016 “Apprentice of the Year” award and represented IEC Dakotas at the national Wire-off Competition where he placed 4th in the nation.  Jesse’s been a part of the electrical industry his entire life.  His father is a Master Electrician, and Jesse spent 22 years “apprenticing” for his father before actually becoming an electrician.

When he’s not working or teaching, Jesse loves to cook.  He’s constantly trying out a new recipe in the kitchen!


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-001 Science In The New Era 4 Hours December 20, 2015
UE-005 How To Sell Anything 2.5 Hours December 19, 2015


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
S0-2 IEC Year 2 36 weeks August 15, 2022