IEC Dakotas Classes

Journeyman Exam Prep

Beginning in February 2024, IEC Dakotas will offer a 10-week class designed to help apprentices to pass their journeyman’s exam. This class is taught by Senior IEC Instructors and will meet virtually one night per week for 10 weeks. Course fee includes textbooks and online resources. $250/member $475/non-member

Continuing Education Programs

IEC Dakotas offers certified, regularly scheduled 4-hour continuing education classes for members and non-members. Topics will vary.
Available in classroom and online. Classroom $35 including Lunch/Members. Online $25. Click the button below for current courses.

Professional Electrician's Program (PEP)

A 2-year expedited Apprentice Training Course for apprentices who have more than 8,000 hours of on-the-job experience but no formal training.

An instructor-led online course that meets weekly. This fast-paced course is committing and will take most students 6-8 hours per week to complete. This course assumes students have a working knowledge of theory, math, and NEC. This course is approved by the ND State Electrical Board.

Courses covered include Motor Controls I and II, Electrical Theory I and II, NEC Code I, II, and III, Printreading, Leadership, and Journeyman Exam Preparation. $3390/Members $5000/non-members

4-Year Apprentice Training Program

At IEC Dakotas, we take training seriously.  Our program is the product of decades of curriculum development and improvement and is hands-down the best apprentice training available today.  The program is 4 years long. Each year is broken up into two semesters, and each semester is made up of 18 weekly lessons.  Each lesson will take you 4-7 hours of study and consists of reading, homework, and a quiz.  Each semester includes a midterm exam and a final exam. At the end of each semester, our Apprenticeship and Training Committee looks at each and every student to determine if they’ve met the requirements of passing.  If the student has met the requirements, they will receive a certificate of completion signed by the Chairman of the A&T committee and the Executive Director of IEC Dakotas. After 4 years of training (8 semesters), our graduates receive a diploma from IEC National as well as a diploma from the Unites States Department of Labor (if they were federally registered) Available in classrooms, live online, and traditional online. $1695/year members $2395/year non-members