IEC Dakotas Is Approved In The Following States

What makes IEC’s program successful?

  • A four-year certified program provided at 4 different locations in North and South Dakota.
  • 144 minimum hours of training per year with lectures, demonstrations, labs and homework taught by highly committed and knowledgeable instructors hired annually by the IEC-Dakotas Apprenticeship and Training Committee.
  • Based on 576 training hours and a total of 8000 hours of on-the-job training for the four-year program.
  • Training is overseen by an active Apprenticeship and Training Committee regarding policies and procedures.
  • Employers have a concern and are interested in the employees’ progress.
  • Depending on course of study, you may be eligible for up to 37 semester hours of transfer credit through the American Council of Education.
  • Optional Certification from the US Department of Labor upon completion of this program.
  • Certification from the IEC upon completion of this program.
  • Dedicated professional staff to assist you in moving through the program.
  • Students completing the program say, “This is the best training they could do.”


Why Join the Team of IEC Electricians?

  • Our members want the best training and education for their employees.
  • The demand for trained, skilled electricians is high and expected to continue to grow.
  • Apprentices do not need to pay dues to belong.
  • Growth opportunities are abundant in the electrical field.
  • Once you complete the electrical apprenticeship and become a journeyworker, you can move up the career ladder as a project foreman, estimator, manager, etc. There are great opportunities in electrical construction!

Choosing to be an electrician can provide an exciting, challenging and rewarding future for you.