IEC Instructor

Nick Formanek

Year 3 Instructor-Rapid City, SD

Josh McGurk

Year 1 instructor-Grand Forks, ND

Edward Druce

‘Eddie” Druce is currently teaching 3rd year instructors in our Rapid City, South Dakota training facility.

Josh Meirose

Josh Meirose serves as the online instructor and administrator for the entire IEC Dakotas online training program!

Dan McRae

Dan serves at IEC Dakotas Year 2 instructor at our Rapid City training facility.

John Smallbrock

John currently has his hands full with the 1st year apprenticeship class at our Rapid City training facility.

Rudy Luczak

Rudy teaches 4th year curriculum at IEC Dakotas training facility in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Roger Rohrer

Roger teaches our 3rd year apprentices at our facility in Grand Forks.