Rob Globke

Rob Globke

Sioux Falls 1st Year Instructor

10 years
experience teaching

Rob grew up near Marion, South Dakota and received his electrical education from Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, SD.  As a professional electrician, Rob has pretty much done it all: residential, commercial, industrial, service, and self-employment.  Rob’s full-time job is working for South Dakota Housing Development Authority located the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield.  There, he supervises inmate-electricians in wiring of the Governor’s House Project homes.  Rob administers IEC training via the ICAP (Inmate Construction Apprentice Program).  He’s been teaching there for 8 years.

Rob’s active in his community, as well as in IEC, where he serves as the 1st year instructor at the Sioux Falls training facility.  He also serves on the A&T committee of IEC.

When he’s not working or driving to work, Rob enjoys relaxing with his family and friends.



ID Event Name Duration Start Date
UE-002 The Ecosystem Within Us 4.5 Hours December 21, 2015


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
S0-1 IEC Year 1 36 August 20, 2019
S0-2 IEC Year 2 36 weeks August 20, 2019
S0-3 IEC Year 3 18 months August 20, 2019
S0-4 IEC Year 4 36 weeks August 20, 2019