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102 N. Krohn Place Ste 214
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
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Needed! Instructors in North and South Dakota

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South Dakota State Electrical Commission

North Dakota State Electrical Board

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Nebraska State Electrical Division

Iowa Department of Public Safety
Electrical Licensing and Inspection Program

Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety


Apprenticeship Training:

IECís apprenticeship program is an approved US Department of Labor/Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. Contact IEC-Dakotas for site locations and/or on-line training.

Apprenticeship Training Fact:

Apprenticeship training and on-line training are forms of education that incorporates workplace training with technical, in-school training.

What makes IECís program successful?

  • A four-year certified program provided at 9 different locations in North and South Dakota.
  • 144 minimum hours of classroom training per year with lectures, demonstrations, labs and homework taught by highly committed and knowledgeable instructors hired annually by the IEC-Dakotas Apprenticeship and Training Committee.
  • Based on 576 classroom training hours and a total of 8000 hours of on-the-job training for the four-year program.
  • Training is overseen by an active Apprenticeship and Training Committee regarding policies and procedures.
  • Employers have a concern and are interested in the employees progress.
  • Depending on course of study, you may be eligible for up to 37 semester hours of transfer credit through the American Council of Education.
  • Certification from the US Department of Labor upon completion of this program.
  • Certification from the IEC upon completion of this program.
  • Dedicated professional staff to assist you in moving through the program.
  • Students completing the program say, ďThis is the best training they could do.Ē

Why Join the Team of IEC Electricians?

  • Our members afford the highest professionalism and education for their employees.
  • The demand for trained, skilled electricians is high at this point in time.
  • As an apprentice for a member of the IEC team you do not have to pay dues to belong to the organization.
  • Growth opportunities are abundant in the electrical field.
  • Once you complete the electrical apprenticeship and become a journeyworker, you can move up the career ladder as a project foreman, estimator, manager, etc. The goals are there to achieve. You have to be willing to work to achieve the goals.
Choosing to be an electrician can provide an exciting, challenging and rewarding future for you.

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education is a must for electricians to accumulate their required hours for license renewal. IEC-Dakotas works to improve the industry through quality code training for its members.

Contractor management and journeyworker training are also offered at various times and locations throughout the year.

Contact the IEC-Dakotas office for more information.

Click on IEC Curriculum to print Continuing Education Registration Form to register.

Jeff Kirstein, Executive Director
IEC-Dakotas, Inc.

102 N. Krohn Place Ste 214    Sioux Falls, SD 57103
Voice: 605-271-0395     Mobile: 605-376-0819
Fax: 866-988-5281